Session Survey

We have created this survey to get your feedback for the sessions we plan for Day 1 of the Practice Forum. So please rate how much the topic triggers your interest.

Thank you for your feedback!
What kind of budgeting processes allow for dynamic steering and meet the need for forecasting?

Performance Management
How can you measure / track performance in systems where people fill multiple roles across multiple circles and decide on their resource allocation themselves?

Team Work
Holacracy seems to break down ordinary team structures; the question remains: how to leverage the power of teams in holacracy structures?

How can compensation look like in role-based systems?

Leadership from Roles
How does leadership look like in a role-based systems?

Driving Engagement
How can we deal with different levels of engagement within a distributed authority system?

Supportive Technology
Distributed authority systems require efficient information flow, communication across multiple roles and circles, and great transparency. What technology can organizations use to support these processes? What is useful / needed?

Holding People Accountable
How do you enforce accountabilities and policies (and behaviour in general) in Holacracy? How do you deal with lack of commitment?

Tribe / Community Space
Holacracy provides a profound system for Governance and Tactical space, but has not specified how to leverage the tribe space (relationships) within transformation; how can we create space to reflect? To connect as human beings...?

Do you have any ideas for additional topics you would like to dive into?

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